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Lunch (Available all day)

Add a side of fresh guacamole for $3.00
Add an Organic Green House Salad for $5.95

Fresh Tilapia Fish Filet: 6 oz. of delicious, tender, farm raised & environmentally friendly Tilapia. Use in your choice of:

Fish Tacos
Lightly blackened filet served with warm soft corn tortillas, cilantro, chopped onion, tarter sauce, black beans and Spanish rice. Assemble yourself $14.95

Filet Plate
Served with black beans and Spanish rice $13.95
Blackened - Add $1.00

Served on a multi-grain roll with a side of tarter sauce and a choice of French fries or cole slaw $13.95
Onion rings or Salad add $1.00
Blackened add $1.00

Vegetarian (Vegan) Tacos
Vegetarian chorizo (made with soy), side of guacamole, cilantro, chopped onion, salsa, black beans, and Spanish rice. Assemble yourself $13.95

Chicken Enchiladas
Light and dark chicken mixed with green chiles, a blend of cheeses & spices, rolled in corn tortillas and covered with our roasted green chile sauce. Served with black beans and Spanish rice $14.95

Homemade Pork and Vegetarian Tamales
Pork are with red chile sauce and veggie with green chile sauce, cheese, & carrots. Served with black beans & Spanish rice. Made without lard. (Order all pork or veggie if you prefer) $14.95

Cheese Enchiladas
A blend of cheese rolled in corn tortillas with red chile sauce, black beans & Spanish rice $13.95

Black Bean Burrito
Black beans rolled in a flour tortilla with cheese, smothered in mild green chile sauce and served with Spanish rice $12.00
Try an extra smothering of our pork green chile for $2.00

11 oz. New York Black Angus Steak
Source verified, all natural, antibiotic and hormone free. Served with a choice of French fries, onion rings, cole slaw, or salad $21.50

New Mexico Style Green Chile with Pork
This is a hearty meal made with mild green chiles, pork, posole, "y much amor" and served with a flour tortilla $9.95
Extra tortilla $.50 each.

Sandwiches & Burgers

Served with all the trimmings, plus French Fries or Cole Slaw. Onion rings or house salad are $1.00 extra.

Fresh Tilapia
Served on a multi-grain roll with a side of tarter sauce $13.95
Blackened add $1.00

Hamburger - all natural hormone free
On a fresh multi-grain bun: Served medium rare to medium unless you tell your wonderful server otherwise $10.95

Mexican Veggie Burger
A great tasting black bean veggie burger! We make it even better by serving it with melted Jack cheese. Served with a side of guacamole & pickled jalapenos. It's not spicy unless you make it that way $10.95

Hot Barbeque Pork
Shredded pork from our Porterhouse cut. It's marinated, slow cooked in a sweet & spicy sauce and served on a multi-grain roll $10.95

B.L.T. - Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato
The all-time favorite! Served on toasted whole wheat bread. $10.95
Try with avocado for $2.00 more.

Additions to Sandwiches:
Cheese (American, Swiss, Jack, Cheddar) $2.00
Pickled Jalapenos $.50
Bacon $2.00
Avocado $2.00

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